Get On The Beauty Map! A Step-by-step Guide to Marketing Your Beauty Business SKU: KTC-EBK-MAP

Katie Quinn's beauty business marketing guide. Includes website optimization, social media strategy, identifying demographics, mastering hashtags, local business finders, referral affiliates, marketing club programs, celebrities, mailing list utilization, and SO MUCH MORE!


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Supermodel Bronzer Katie Quinn ran her busy spray tanning salon and staff for nearly 10 years, paying almost nothing for advertising and marketing.  
She created her own techniques and strategies to promote her business within her neighborhood, and implemented tools and processes to work FOR HER, even after hours, while she focused on her clients and doing what she loved.
Katie designed this step-by-step beauty business marketing guide for beauty professionals like herself to take advantage of, around a business owner's busy schedule, and on an ARTIST'S BUDGET!
Katie Quinn is co-founder and CEO of Kona Tanning Company, and a 3-Time Victoria's Secret Fashion Show bronzer.  Katie has over 10 years of experience working with the world's top supermodels and celebrities.
Her tanning tips have been featured in VOGUE, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Lucky, and Women's Health Magazines.
Katie has her own original product line under Kona Tanning Company, and has written three books:  The Art of Airbrush Tanning, Contouring for Airbrush Spray Tanning, and Get On The Beauty Map!  She lives in Southern California with her husband, and their golden retriever, Lou.